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Expecting a major expenditure? Plan ahead wisely with our excellent home equity loans Pickering agents. Avoid using high-interest loans or racking up your credit card debt as you would be paying a lot more in interest in the long-term. As long as you have 20% equity in your house, you can qualify for a low-interest home equity loan for up to 65% of your property value and up to 80% when combined with your regular mortgage. Our customer-focused home equity loans Pickering agents will explain each step of the way in detail so that you are fully informed about each of your options. Numerous clients across Pickering, Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Cobourg, and Port Hope have reaped the benefits from our financial guidance over the years. Our full suite of financial services includes:

  • 2nd mortgage
  • Mortgage refinance
  • Debt consolidation
  • Home equity loans

Our home equity loans Pickering representatives have access to our vast Canada-wide financial network and are able to connect you to lenders with the lowest interest rates and optimal repayment terms. Our customer-oriented agents are constantly analyzing the newest financial trends and projections for you to take advantage of. At Expert Mortgage, we put great emphasis on providing affordable and approachable finances for everyone and we make sure that our financial services are always centred around the customer’s needs. Even if you have trouble qualifying for loans through major institutes due to your current financial climate, our home equity loans Pickering strategists will find the perfect solution for you. Our representatives are available throughout Pickering, Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Cobourg, Port Hope, and other nearby cities. Contact our home equity loans Oshawa agents today to discuss your finances with one of the finest financial gurus in your area and explore a world of better options.

"You really saved our home. We used to pay a very high mortgage interest rate because of our mistakes in the past. You have arranged for us a refinancing for much better interest rate for the next 2 years. We are confident that after the 2 years term, you will again get us a much better deal. We will no longer be stressed with high rate mortgage payment. God bless you Manny because you brought back happiness in my family."
Nzola M. & Yoko A., Brampton

Pickering, Ontario facts and figures:

  • Pickering is within driving distance of Scarborough, Cobourg, and Port Hope.
  • Most of the suburban areas of Pickering were built as subdivisions after World War II.
  • The northern part of the municipality is mainly rural, primarily used for agricultural purposes.

Cities surrounding Pickering, Ontario:


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