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Expecting a major expenditure? Plan ahead wisely with our excellent home equity loans Whitby agents. Credit cards and high-interest loans are not advised because they can easily put a huge dent in your personal finances. As long as you have 20% equity in your house, you can qualify for a low-interest home equity loan for up to 65% of your property value and up to 80% when combined with your regular mortgage. Our customer-focused home equity loans Whitby agents will explain each step of the way in detail so that you are fully informed about each of your options. We have helped countless clients throughout Whitby, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Cobourg, and Port Hope benefit from our financial strategies over the years. Our full list of amazing financial services includes:

  • Mortgage refinance
  • Home equity loans
  • Debt consolidation
  • 2nd mortgage

Our home equity loans Whitby advisors are connected to the largest Canada-wide financial network, allowing us to refer you to lenders with the most competitive interest rates and fair repayment terms. Our experts are always monitoring the latest financial news and trends so that you can take full advantage of upcoming opportunities. At Expert Mortgage, we believe that personal finance should be accessible and manageable for everyone and will always provide financial guidance focused on the customer’s needs. Even if your current financial situation hinders you from qualifying for loans through conventional means, our home equity loans Whitby agents will always find a solution just for you. Our representatives are available throughout Whitby, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Cobourg, Port Hope, and other nearby cities. Speak to our home equity loans Oshawa agents about your financial needs and see how we can help improve your finances! Contact us today.

"Hi Manny, I can't thank you enough for your lightning fast assistance and must say that the fantastic mortgage solution you provided us with greatly exceeded our expectations. The fact that you were not only able to get us out of our 1st bank mortgage but also our 2nd mortgage with Private lender in such a timely and professional manner at a greatly reduced rate was phenomenal...especially considering the fact that you were able to close the financing on the very last day of our 2nd mortgage renewal date within 2 days of us meeting you in person. Had you not come up with such a timely and appreciated solution due to our bank deciding to notify us at the last possible moment that they weren't focused on refinancing's now...we would've been left with no choice but to renew with Private lender at a greatly inflated interest rate. So with all that said we can't recommend you enough Manny and feel beyond fortunate to have found you and your amazing mortgage solution when we did. You sir are a superstar and anyone who finds you and your stellar mortgage solutions is blessed."
Doug & Delores O., Barrie

Facts about Whitby, Ontario:

  • The original name of "Whitby" is Danish, dating from about 867 AD when the Danes invaded Britain.
  • Whitby is located on the north shore of Lake Ontario close to Orono, Ajax, and Pickering.
  • Public education in Whitby is provided via the Durham District School Board, which also has its headquarters in Whitby.

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